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chi chapter

Although Chi Chapter was officially founded in 1996, the talks of bringing a Latinx sorority to the University of Florida began around 1993. Around Spring 1994, three Founding Sisters, Caroline Ayala, Adelaida Medina and Danielle Hernandez were part of a large group of women interested in founding a Latinx sorority on campus. In the end, these three lovely ladies created the core of the soon-to-be Chi Chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc., along with Jenny Abreu, Jessica Serrano-Cartagena, Bridgett Humphrey, Ledy Martinez-Loor, Norys Torres, and Angela Pagan.

Chi Chapter was officially born on March 17, 1996. On that day, the Founding Line was initiated in New Jersey as full members of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. At that time there was no council to accommodate a Greek-letter organization that was neither mainstream nor part of the National Pan-Hellenic Council.


The idea of a Latinx-based or multicultural fraternal organization was entirely new. They paved the way for the south and other Multicultural organizations to come. These nine notorious Founding Sisters established the FIRST Latinx-based or multicultural sorority on campus.

While Chi Chapter was recognized nationally by its National Sorority incorporated under the State of New Jersey, UF did not have a council to fit Lambda Theta Alpha.


Starting in the summer of 1999, sisters including Caroline Ayala, Merlix Stone, Rocio Rodriguez and Viviana Espinoza, formed a committee with members of Lambda Theta Phi, Sigma Lambda Beta and Sigma Lambda Gamma (all national organizations) to form the Multicultural Greek Council. It wasn't until later that the council would start to allow regional fraternal organizations and newer organizations to be admitted as associate members to apply for recognition.

Establishing the Multicultural Greek Council is one of LTA's longstanding contributions to the University of Florida. The Chi Chapter of Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. was and still is the very FIRST Latin, Latina-based or multicultural sorority that existed in the South and in the entire State of Florida.

Founding Sisters

Adelaida Medina

Jenny Abreu

Jessica Serrano-Cartagena

Bridgett Humphrey

Danielle Hernandez

Caroline Ayala

Ledy Martinez-Loor

Norys Torres

Angela Pagan


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