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       “I have a vision of a walk.  A 3 or a 5k walk in Devin's honor. A walk to let the world know that we will not accept this diagnosis, we do not accept this prognosis. A walk to raise money for my sons treatments, but also a walk to help the MANY other families who are struggling to pay for the medicines, the treatments, the gas to get to the Doctor. The seed has been planted.... But I need you. "

       Sisters, will you help my son to have his day? Will you help me to get the word out, to have friends and family come out to walk for a cure? Will you walk for Devin?

In my dreams, I envision crowds of people, gathered in love for a dimple faced, little boy fighting everyday against a disease that has waged war on his body. I envision him coming to a meeting place and looking out over a crowd. Knowing then, every face that was there was there for HIM. That these people were lifting their prayers up to God. I envision other people struggling with this disease there, all there with a common goal. This is "Devin's Walk."

Devin's Walk

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