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Awards & Recognition 

National Awards 

National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO) awards Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Inc. the following awards in the Sorority category:

Organization of the Year
Philanthropic Organization of the Year
Undergraduate Chapter of the Year - Kappa Chapter at the University of Connecticut
Philanthropic Excellence Undergraduate Chapter - Epsilon Gamma Chapter at the University of Illinois at Chicago

**This marks the seventh time since 2000 that Lambda Theta Alpha has been awarded Organization of the Year and now twice as Philanthropic Organization of the Year.**

Chapter Awards 

University of Florida Greek Community

2021 Outstanding Educational Event

2021 Greek Collaboration Award

2021 Outstanding Virtual Program

2021 Greek Person of the Year - Gisselle Perez

2020 Greek Collaboration Award

2020 Outstanding Educational Program

2020 Outstanding Virtual Program

2018 Most Outstanding Community Service

2015 Most Outstanding Community Service  

2015 Greek Collaboration Award  

 2015 Outstanding Anti-Hazing Initiative

2014 Multicultural Greek Council President of the Year- Susel Ramos

Highest GPA for Fall 2013


Hispanic- Latino Community Awards


2015 Sojourner Truth, Women of Unity Award

2015 Community Service Award by the UF Chapter of SISTUHS, Inc.

2014 Best Educational Program

2014 Best Community Service Event

2014 Organizational Member of the Year- Janelle Guzman

2014 Organization of the Year 

2014 Highest GPA in MGC

2013 Organization of the Year 


Florida Area 1 Awards

2021 Chapter of the Year

2021 President of the Year - Jamilee Yern

2021 Vice President of the Year - Gisselle Perez

2021 Treasurer of the Year - Dulce Diaz Roa

2021 COA of the Year - Jazmin Edwards

2021 CRRC of the Year - Hannah Elmattougui

2021 Miss Burgundy and Grey - Brianna Then

2021 Alumnae of the Year - Alana Rush

2019 President of the Year - Jenny Rodriguez 

2019 COA of the Year - Gabriella Garza

2019 CRRC of the Year - Francesca Frampton 

2019 Educational Event of the Year - History of La Casita

2019 Sister of the Year - Ashley Saravia 

2019 Political & Social Awareness Event of the Year - Hunger Games

2018 Burgundy and Grey Award - Gabriella Garza

2018 Vice President of the Year - Valeria Giraldo

2018 Treasurer of the Year - Lady Rubino

2018 Educational Event of the Year - Unity Jam: See the Signs Forum

2018 Community Service Event of the Year - Power Suit Self Defense Class

2017 Political and Social Awareness Event of the Year - Mind Your Mental Forum

2017 Sister of the Year - Jordan Fulkerson

2016 Chapter of the Year

2016 Sister of the Year- Susel Ramos

2016 Educational Event of the Year- Microaggressions Forum

2014 Best Educational Program- School to Prison Pipeline

2014 Prophyte of the Year- Janelle Guzman

2014 Secretary of the Year-Diana Araiza

2013 Chapter of the Year 

2013 Philanthropic Event of the Year- Unity Jam: Victory over Vitiligo 

2013 Prophyte of the Year- Jesenia Estrella

2013 President of the Year- Stephanie Salazar

2013 Vice President of the Year- Jane Vicens 

2013 COA of the Year- Alexandra Portugues 

2013 Treasurer of the Year - Janelle Guzman

2013 Sister of Year- Stephanie Salazar 


 Individual Awards 

2020 William Santiago Greek Person of the Year- Gisselle Perez

2016 Hispanic Latino Hall of Fame- Susel Ramos

2014 Hispanic Latino Hall of Fame- Josephine Almanzar 

2013 University of Florida Hall of Fame- Stephanie Salazar



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